Welcome to my website for Innovation Engineering.

I teach, advise and manage people
to enable some of the world’s
most impactful and relevant innovation.
–Ikhlaq Sidhu


On a day-to-day basis, I work with people at..

  • Innovative Firms: Engineering leaders at Google, Samsung, Cisco, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Yahoo, Network Appliances, GM, Bosch, Qualcomm, PayPal, Broadcom, VMware, and many other leading firms.
  • New Ventures: Undergraduate, Ph.D. students, and faculty colleagues at UC Berkeley and the global partner institutions of the College of Engineering.
  • Organizations, Universities, and Governments:  Includes Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, Chile Engineering 2030, Onset Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley investment firm, Hong Kong (HKBU), the Government of New Zealand, the Lawrence Hall of Science, and the Jacobs Institute for Design at UC Berkeley.

My Current Projects and Programs

Data-X: A Course on Data, Systems and Signals

A technical course that teaches students at UC Berkeley to use foundational mathematical concepts and current computer science tools to create data-related applications and systems for real world problems. (Course Materials)

Engineering Leadership Program

This program is the management track for Silicon Valley.  The program builds upon the core technical skills of managers, engineers, and scientists; and provides breadth, strategy, market focus, operations, and communication skills for engineering leaders to be able to take larger roles within innovative companies.

Berkeley Innovation Index

A data-analytic approach to measuring innovation mindset and innovation culture inside companies.

My Current Project Interests:

Contact: Ikhlaq Sidhu, sidhu at berkeley dot edu
Feel free to contact me if you are working on making innovation and/or data relevant to your company via products, brand, execution, and/or leadership.